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Find the right spray skirt size for you racing kayak

Our spray skirts for racing kayaks and fitness boats

All spraydecks that you find on our website, are intended for racing boats and touring racing boats. In contrast to sea kayaks, you sit in a racing kayak with your knees closed and having them elevated slightly over the cockpit rim. Therefore you need a spraydeck that is not completely stretched over the cockpit, but offers some space for the knees. At the same time you want to have enough freedom of movement for the leg drive. And when riding a wash, it may even be necessary to pull one foot slightly backwards without the spraydeck stretching or even slipping off the cockpit rim. All our spraydecks are waterproof with taped seams. However, the Padler Marathon spraydeck does not have a waterproof zipper.

Cockpit sizes

Spray deck sizes for racing kayaks

All of our spray skirts are suitable for all racing kayak types and models. Old racing kayaks with a width of 51 cm are an exception. They can have larger cockpits. In this case you can choose a spraydeck that is also suitable for touring racing boats. The images on the page show the different spraydecks on a K1 Nelo Sete XXL with cockpit dimensions of 103 × 43 cm (external dimensions).

  • Sandiline Sprint - Our most popular model that fits virtually all racing kayaks. Soft neoprene waistband. Medium weight fabric that lasts a long time.
  • Sandiline X-Light - Lighter version of the Sandiline Sprint. thinner material. Soft neoprene waistband. This is the only model in breathable material.
  • Padler with neoprene waistband - A slightly thicker fabric that lasts a long time. Neoprene waist. This model cannot be adjusted in cockpit size.
  • Padler w/o neoprene - Available in 2 sizes. M for racing kayaks, L for touring racing boats and older K1 with minimum width. Velcro mount for watch holder (sold separately).
  • Padler Maraton spray skirt - Model with long zip (zip is not waterproof) for quick portages in marathon races.

Spray deck sizes for touring racing boats

Some touring boats may have larger cockpit dimensions than racing kayaks. If the cockpit in your kayak is larger than 105 × 44 cm, we recommend one of the following models.

The images below show the Sandiline Racing spraydeck and the Padler model with a neoprene waistband on a Nelo Viper 55 with cockpit dimensions 109 × 47 cm (external dimensions).

    Sandiline spray skirt on a Nelo Viper 55
    Padler spray skirt with neoprene waistband on a Nelo Viper 55


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