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Paddling Pants

Here you will find a high quality and well-stocked range of paddling pants, especially for surf paddling, canoe training and SUP-paddling. Although many of the pants we offer may be similar to 'normal' paddling pants for e.g. sea paddling - materials used and smart details make a big difference. Our Vaikobi V Cold Paddle Pant for example, are made from super-thin neoprene and have spandex inserts in several places for full freedom of movement. These pants are so stretchy that you can wear them with no problem, even in a 500 m race on a cold spring or autumn race. Continue reading...

Vaikobi V Cold Flex Paddle Pant €114,90 EUR

Vaikobi Mens V Ocean UV Paddle Shorts €67,90 EUR

Vaikobi V Cold Flex Paddle Shorts €84,90 EUR

Vaikobi Flexforce 1.5 mm Neoprene Pants from €69,90 EUR €124,90 EUR

Vaikobi V Ocean UV Paddle Pants €84,90 EUR

Sandiline One42 0.5 mm Neoprene Shorts €68,90 EUR

NRS Women's HydroSkin Shorts €79,90 EUR

Vaikobi Men's Flexforce 1.5 mm Long John €89,90 EUR €129,90 EUR

Sandiline One42 0.5 mm Neoprene Pants €87,90 EUR

Vaikobi Men's Flexforce 3 mm Long John €110,00 EUR €169,90 EUR

NRS Men's HydroSkin Shorts €79,90 EUR

Sandiline One42 0.5 mm Neoprene L/S Shirt €105,00 EUR

Sandiline One42 0.5 mm Neoprene ¾ Pants €39,00 EUR €77,50 EUR

Vaikobi Womens V Ocean UV Paddle Shorts €69,90 EUR

NRS Men's Freefall Dry Pant €209,90 EUR

NRS Women's Freefall Dry Pant €209,90 EUR

Vaikobi Women's Flexforce 1.5 mm Long John €89,90 EUR €129,90 EUR
Vaikobi Womens Active UV 3/4 Leggings €64,90 EUR
Vaikobi FlexForce 4/3 BZ Steamer Sold Out

Paddle pants for surfski, Kayak & Paddleboard Training

Whether you're a dedicated kayaker, surf ski enthusiast, paddleboard expert or just want to start your water sports training - you'll find the right clothing here with us. Even during intense training, you want to feel dry and comfortable on the water without restricting your freedom of movement. We have a wide range of different neoprene pants and paddle shorts, perfect for any weather. Our paddle pants are specially designed for training and active paddling. This means:

  • They have a body-hugging fit that follows your movements and doesn't get in the way when you're paddling hard
  • They are made of very flexible and elastic high-quality material to give you a high degree of mobility
  • Some of our trousers have a more athletic fit to meet the needs of the athlete/li>

    Paddle pants and shorts for warm weather

    As the weather gets warmer, we have the right clothing to meet your needs. We offer different types of paddle shorts for women and men. We offer paddle clothing from some of the best manufacturers in the industry, such as Vaikobi, NRS and Sandiline. Our Vaikobi-trousers are tested by athletes with years of experience on the water. Again, only the best material is used here to give you the best comfort and functionality for your training. Our paddle shorts are lightweight, breathable and super comfortable. Most shorts have extra padding in the back to provide optimal comfort during your workouts. The stretch fabric provides a high level of protection against UV rays.

    Neoprene paddle shorts for cold weather

    To stay well-equipped even in cooler conditions, we offer a wide range of neoprene shorts from 0.5 mm to 2 mm. If you require more warmth, we also have wetsuits specially designed for active paddling in surfski or on the paddleboard. The thicker and warmer the neoprene, the more important it is to use high-quality materials and intelligent design to maintain freedom of movement. With us you will find paddling pants and wetsuits that meet this requirement. This way, you are well protected even in bad and cold weather, without having to sacrifice a comfortable fit and good mobility for it.



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