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NRS - Northwest River Supplies

Once you fall in love with paddle sports, it's a passion that will last a lifetime. But in order to maximize your experience, you need to be equipped with the right gear. Having good equipment will allow you to train harder and faster. Read more


NRS Men's HydroSkin Gloves
NRS NRS Paddle Sock
NRS HydroSkin 0.5 mm Pants (2020)
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NRS Airbag
from €35,90
NRS Cable Lock
NRS Paddle Leash Coil
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NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoe
NRS HydroSkin 1.5 mm Pants
€75,00 €109,90
NRS Constrictor Cable Lock
NRS Hydration Pack
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NRS Deluxe Boat Sponge
NRS Women's HydroSkin S/S Shirt (2020)
€59,00 €85,90
NRS Fuse Gloves
NRS Women's Ignitor Jacket
NRS Men's Ignitor Jacket
NRS Women's Ignitor Pants
NRS Men's Ignitor Pants
NRS Women's Ignitor Shorts
NRS Men's Ignitor Shorts
NRS Men's HydroSkin Shorts
NRS Women's HydroSkin Shorts
NRS Women's HydroSkin 0.5 Jacket

About NRS

NRS is a river sports supplier out of Moscow, Idaho, and they provide some of the best equipment available. We have all the NRS gear that is most suitable for surfski, stand up paddling and kayak training. 


Paddle Clothing

Every paddler needs to think about what kind of clothing they will need. Your equipment will vary depending on the type of sport, time of year, and type of training you do. First, you should invest in either a wetsuit or a dry suit. A dry suit is completely waterproof but isn't designed to keep you warm. This is perfect for a canoe trip, or another water sport where you may get splashed but not completely submerged. A wetsuit is made out of rubber neoprene and is not waterproof. However, it will insulate you and keep you warm when you get wet. This is a great choice for either kayak clothing or paddleboard clothing.

We recommend checking out our NRS Hydroskin options on our site. With superior insulation and quick dry properties, this is the perfect clothing for water sports. Try a mix and match of HydroSkin tops and shorts/pants.

This Women's HydroSkin Long Sleeve Shirt is perfect for paddle activities that require a free range of motion. Made out of thin neoprene, this shirt is designed to ensure maximum comfort. The long sleeves give you protection against both wind chill and the sun. Prolonged sun exposure can cause skin damage and even cancer. At the very least, you may end your paddling excursion with an uncomfortable sunburn. It is best to invest in long sleeves and repeatedly apply sunscreen to exposed skin. Try pairing this shirt with the NRS HydroSkin 0.5 mm Pants. These pants are comfortable and insulated, with a neoprene outer layer and a soft fleece lining. 


Paddle Shoes

You'll need to invest in good shoes before you get out on the water. Many novices start with sandals, but water shoes are the superior option. Water shoes are comfortable to wear on land but are designed to be fully submerged in the water. You'll find water shoes to be especially helpful while pushing your canoe or kayak into the water. Regular shoes and socks would get wet and stay wet. But water shoes will dry quickly and allow you to enjoy your excursion. For example, the NRS Freestyle Wetshoe is designed to be tight-fitting, but while still allowing enough room for your toes. They are sealed against penetrating water and will keep your feet warm all day. The best part? You can wear this shoe all day and not lose feeling in your feet. But there are also options for people who prefer ultra-thin footwear. The NRS HydroSkin Socks are designed to follow the shape of your foot. They are so thin that you could even wear them with tennis shoes on a run on a rainy day.


Neoprene Gloves

If you go paddleboarding on a nice summer day, you might not need gloves. But for a white water rafter in freezing water, gloves will not only be desirable, but safer. Keeping your hands warm enough to steer and paddle is crucial to staying upright. That's why you should invest in some insulating gloves. For example, these NRS Hydroskin Gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and dry. Their palms are crafted to deliver maximum grip without causing fatigue. They also clip together when not in use. You'll never have to worry about losing just one.


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