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Jantex - Professional Paddles are made from the best composite materials and manufacturing technology currently available. They are made of 100% COPD graphite fibers and high quality epoxy resin. With the help of topparts and their high demands have Jantex-The pads have a perfect design, high quality and reliability that is longed for by other manufacturers. The paddles are used for flat water, surfski, SUP & Downriver of professional top paddlers, as well as exercisers and juniors. In order to buy your Jantex Paddel you select paddle model, size, shaft stiffness and length. Advice regarding the choice of model can be found here. The correct paddle length you figure out with our paddle counter.

Jantex Gamma FG €469,00 EUR

Jantex Gamma €459,00 EUR

Jantex Beta €459,00 EUR

Jantex Gamma Baby €419,00 EUR

Jantex Beta Baby Sold Out
Jantex Gamma Mini €254,95 EUR
Jantex Spray deck Sold Out

Jantex Paddle Cover €49,90 EUR

Jantex Wind Vest €44,90 EUR

Jantex Jantex Watch stands €21,90 EUR

Jantex Visor €21,90 EUR
Jantex Mobile Phone Cover €23,90 EUR

Jantex Bandana €12,90 EUR


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