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No paddle trip is complete without the right equipment. Mocke is the first choice for many surf skiers when it comes to high quality paddling accessories. Whether you are an elite paddler or a beginner, Mocke products allow you to improve your own safety on the water without sacrificing comfort. Read more

Mocke Racer PFD €129,00 EUR

Mocke Fly Dry Cap €24,90 EUR

Mocke Seat Pad €21,90 EUR

Mocke Life Line Calf Leash €49,50 EUR

Mocke Mocke Flow PFD €129,00 EUR

Mocke Rapid Hydration Bladder €29,90 EUR

Mocke Wrist Paddle Leash €24,90 EUR

Mocke Weed Deflector €9,90 EUR

Mocke Kayak Tail Flag €18,90 EUR

Mocke Mocke Flow Zip PFD Sold Out

Mocke Fly Dry Visor €24,90 EUR
Mocke Cellphone Dry Bag XL €29,90 EUR
Mocke Paddle Leash €14,90 EUR

Mocke Gust Paddling Jacket €119,00 EUR
Mocke Deluxe Paddle Bag €110,00 EUR

Mocke Emergency Steering Cord €24,90 EUR

Mocke Changing Towel €64,90 EUR

About Mocke

Mocke Paddle Gear was founded by two world champion surf ski paddlers from Fish Hook, South Africa. Their idea was that each product should meet safety requirements without sacrificing performance. Mocke gear is designed to optimize performance and encourage every water sports enthusiast to do their best.

Paddel accessories

The right choice of paddling equipment is indispensable, especially when paddling on open water, whether you are a beginner and just starting to practice or a surf ski expert who has been on the water for years. The right equipment makes a difference for both increased safety and the subjective feeling of safety. This alone can improve your performance. Mocke offers excellent paddling equipment that is perfect for long training days and, with its extreme versatility, can handle even the toughest water conditions. From the lightweight seat pad to the kayak flag to the surf ski leash, each product is specially designed for optimal flexibility and performance. They're perfect for any athlete, whether it's your first day of training or you're an expert paddler.

Paddle clothes

Mockes paddle wear is just what you need to complete your collection of workout clothes. You have a choice of two different caps (sunshield only or baseball cap), all available in different colors to keep your head protected from the sun and water all day long. There are also lightweight, safe life jackets for racing and surfski paddling. The jacket is perfect for any type of training, whether it's a long day on the water or a casual race with some friends. Its lightweight material is perfect for full range of motion and is designed specifically for surfski paddlers.



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