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VMG blades

VMG blades are some of the most effective SUP fins on the market. Each fin is carefully manufactured to offer you only the best equipment for your SUP training. VMG fins are designed to increase your performance and optimize your training on the paddleboard. They are the first choice for serious SUP athletes. Keep reading ...
VMG blades Mako XW €169,00 EUR

VMG blades Mako 44 €169,00 EUR

VMG blades Mako 37 €169,00 EUR

VMG blades Mako 35 Sold Out

VMG blades Mako 28 Sold Out

VMG blades Mako TimeTrial €169,00 EUR

VMG blades SUP Wave Deflector Sold Out
VMG blades Dragon Grip Sold Out

VMG blades Replacement Pin €9,50 EUR

VMG blades Replacement Button €4,90 EUR

VMG blades

Every good paddle board needs a high quality fin. On the one hand, a good fin gives your board better directional stability, which means fewer paddle changes and a shorter paddling distance on the water. On the other hand, the fin should not affect the board's maneuverability and reaction. This is where the VMG fins come into play. These carbon fiber fins are designed to combine the most important characteristics as well as possible. VMG blades offer several sizes and models so you can adapt your SUP board well to the specific conditions you will be training or racing in. The fins combine maneuverability, minimal drag in the water, they are designed for tight turns and open water, and all are made from the same lightweight carbon material.

VMG fins can be assembled without tools after initial installation and changing the fin takes only a minimum of time. VMG fins are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. They are lightweight, maintenance-free and optimally designed for each application.



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