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Vaikobi was born out of a passion and a clear mission to increase performance and comfort on the water. This vision led to producing some of the world's most innovative technical clothing for water sports enthusiasts. With a decade of experience behind it, Vaikobi was able to perfect the design and optimize performance for all water sports.  Read more

Vaikobi V Paddle Travel Bag €215,95 EUR
Vaikobi Men's Flexforce 3 mm Long John €179,95 EUR
Vaikobi V-Dry Performance Smock €143,95 EUR
Vaikobi Flexforce 3 mm Neoprene Top €134,95 EUR
Vaikobi Men's Flexforce 1.5 mm Long John €134,95 EUR
Vaikobi V Dry Performance Jacket €134,95 EUR
Vaikobi Flexforce 1.5 mm Neoprene Top €125,95 EUR
Vaikobi Flexforce 1.5 mm Neoprene Pants €125,95 EUR
Vaikobi VXP Race PFD €125,95 EUR
Vaikobi V Cold Flex L/S Paddle Top €125,95 EUR
Vaikobi V Cold Flex Paddle Pant €116,95 EUR
Vaikobi VX Race PFD €107,95 EUR
Vaikobi V Dry Paddle Vest €80,95 EUR
Vaikobi V Ocean UV Paddle Pants €76,95 EUR
Vaikobi Womens V Ocean UV Paddle Shorts €62,95 EUR
Vaikobi Dry Bag Pack Sold Out
Vaikobi Womens Active UV 3/4 Leggings €49,95 EUR
Vaikobi Key Lock Box €49,95 EUR
Vaikobi Mens UV Long Sleeve Tech Tee €44,95 EUR
Vaikobi V Cold 2mm Neoprene Socks €37,95 EUR
Vaikobi V Cold Fleece Lined Pogies €35,95 EUR

About Vaikobi

Vaikobi is a watersports clothing company based in one of the most prominent surfing cities in the world, Sydney, Australia. Their premium ocean gear is designed to give you comfort while improving your performance on the water. Each product is thoroughly tested by top paddlers before hitting the market, ensuring the best clothing for your sporting needs.

Life jackets / PFD's

Life jackets are essential for anyone training and competing in kayaking. It is the first thing you should consider when training before venturing out on the water. Not only will it protect you from unexpected events or accidents on the water, but a good life jacket will also feel lightweight, flexible and won't get in the way when paddling. Vaikobi life jackets are the perfect choice for feeling confident on the water while maintaining your performance.

Our Vaikobi life jackets are the perfect training material for canoe racing, surf skiing and SUP. The lightweight fabric of the vests allows them to adapt more easily to your body. It's perfect for those long training days on the water and is built to last. We have life jackets that are prepared for hydration systems. Every part of our life jackets is an integral part of a successful canoeing, kayaking or sailing workout. Tested by some of the world's best athletes. Your performance will speak for itself when you invest in our premium life jackets.

Paddle clothes

Clothing is another big factor to consider before starting your paddling training. Vaikobi paddling clothing offers an excellent fit for intense paddling in many water sports. The right clothing can often be overlooked when training for a race, and the wrong choice in clothing can lead to severe discomfort throughout the day. Vaikobi offers a wide range of highly durable, lightweight and flexible clothing options. Since we all realize that different seasons require different clothing styles, our range consists of all types of clothing to keep you warm throughout the year. Each piece of clothing is carefully designed to optimize your performance and last through even the most intense training session. Our trousers, jackets, vests, and shorts are specially designed with intensive paddling in mind. The flexible fabric adapts to movement; because the last thing you should be worried about on the water is how uncomfortable your clothes are. 

No outing is complete without adding your favorite accessories. We provide the perfect products to help you have a safe and comfortable workout on the water day after day. If you want to paddle or race on a hot summer day, our Hi Vis Performance Cap is a must. It will protect your eyes from the sun's rays, and the bright colors will make sure you are visible. Want to make sure your feet stay warm all day? Our V Cold 2 mm neoprene socks are the perfect addition to your sportswear, and they're perfectly suited to narrow surf ski supports. All our accessories are designed to keep you warm and safe and will last through even the toughest weather conditions.  



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