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Vaikobi was born through a passion and clear mission of increasing performance and comfort on the water. This vision went on to produce some of the world’s most innovative technical apparel for water sports enthusiasts. With a decade of experience under their belt, Vaikobi was able to perfect the design and optimize performance for any water sports athlete. Read more

Vaikobi VXP Race PFD
Vaikobi V Cold Flex Paddle Pant
Vaikobi V3 Ocean Racing PFD Life Vest
Vaikobi V Cold Hydroflex Paddle Top
Vaikobi V Ocean UV Paddle Shorts
Vaikobi Hi Vis Performance Cap
Vaikobi VXP Race PFD - Black Edition
Vaikobi V Cold Flex L/S Paddle Top
Vaikobi V Dry Paddle Vest
Vaikobi VX Race PFD
Vaikobi Flexforce 1.5 mm Neoprene Top
Vaikobi V Ocean L/S Performance UV Top
Vaikobi V Cold 2mm Neoprene Socks
Vaikobi V Ocean L/S Relaxed Fit UV Top
Vaikobi V Cold Flex Paddle Shorts
Vaikobi V Ocean UV Paddle Pants
Vaikobi Hydro System - 1.5l Hydration Bladder
Vaikobi Flexforce 3 mm Long John
Vaikobi Flexforce 1.5 mm Neoprene Pants
Vaikobi Flexforce 1.5 mm Long John
Vaikobi V Cold Performance Base Layer
Vaikobi Performance Visor
Vaikobi Mens UV Performance Tech Tee
Vaikobi Womens UV Performance Tech Tee

About Vaikobi

Vaikobi is a water sports apparel company based out of one of the most prominent surf cities in the world, Sydney, Australia. Their top-of-the-line ocean gear is designed to bring you comfort while improving your performance on the water. Each product is rigorously tested by top water sports athletes before hitting the market, ensuring only the best quality apparel for your sports needs.  


Life Jackets 

Life jackets are essential for any competitive sports player. It’s the first thing that any serious competitor should consider while training before venturing into the water. Not only does it protect you from any unexpected changes or accidents on the water, but a good life vest will also feel light-weight, flexible, and can easily adapt to a wide range of movement. Vaikobi PFD's are the perfect choice for improving performance while maintaining versatility. 
Our life jackets are the perfect training material for canoe racers, surfski, and SUP. The lightweight fabric of the jackets allows them to adapt more easily to your body. It’s perfect for those long training days on the water and is built to last. Some of our life vests come fully equipped with hydration hose holding systems and zip-up mesh front pockets. Each facet of our jackets is integral for a successful canoe, kayak, or sailing training session. Tested by some of the world’s greatest athletes. Your performance will speak for itself when you invest in our top-of-the-line life jackets. 


Paddle Clothing 

Clothing is another huge factor to consider before starting any high training sports venture, and Vaikobi clothes help secure your perfect fit. Proper clothing can often go overlooked when training for a race, and the wrong choice in clothes could result in severe discomfort all day. Vaikobi offers a wide range of highly durable, light-weight, and flexible options for clothing. Since we all recognize that different seasons call for different styles of clothing, our inventory consists of all kinds of clothes to keep you warm throughout the entire year. Each piece of clothing is meticulously designed to optimize your performance and last through even the most intense training session. Our pants, shirts and jackets, and shorts are specially designed with the paddling enthusiast in mind. The flexible fabric gives way to a full range of motion; because the last thing you should be worried about on the water is how uncomfortable your clothes are. Our clothes will keep you dry through any season and provide long-lasting comfort, versatility, and support.

No excursion is complete without adding on your favorite accessories. We provide the perfect products to help you safely and comfortably workout on the water day after day. If you are looking to go paddling or racing on a nice hot, summer day, our Hi Vis Performance Cap is a must. It shields your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, and the bright colors will make sure you will be seen. Want to make sure your feet stay warm all day? Our V Cold 2mm Neoprene Socks are the perfect addition to your sportswear. All of our accessories are designed to keep you warm and safe and are sure to last through even the harshest weather conditions. These products are specifically catered to high-intensity sports competitors and trainers. They are long-lasting, extremely comfortable, and are built to last.


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