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Sprayskirts for Racing Kayaks

A waterproof sprayskirt with a good fit is essential for your daily kayak training. Our spray skirts are lightweight, stable and keep your canoe dry during training. All our models feature a waterproof fabric with welded seams and a fit optimized for racing kayaks. Keep reading ...


Sandiline Ares Eco Flex Sprayskirt Sold Out
Braca Marathon Sprayskirt €69,90 EUR
Braca sprayskirt Racing €69,90 EUR

Padler Marathon Sprayskirt €69,90 EUR

Sandiline sprayskirt X-Light €59,90 EUR

Sandiline Sprayskirt Sprint €53,90 EUR

Jantex Spray deck €51,90 EUR

Padler Cockpit Cover Racing €38,90 EUR

Spray Skirts for Racing Kayaks

Each of our sprayskirts is made from high quality waterproof material. All models have a pre-shaped knee area and are designed to collect minimal water in the lap. All models fit modern racing kayaks, most of our spray skirts also fit recreational kayaks such as the popular Nelo Viper boats. Size recommendations and a comparison table can be found in the size table for each model. We have a wide range of styles. You can choose between spray decks with an adjustable neoprene waist or a simple drawstring if you like a looser fit at the waist. If you prefer thin and breathable fabrics, we recommend the Sandiline X-Light Spray Deck. Like all our sprayskirts, it's completely waterproof and yet, it breathes as well as a good outdoor jacket.


If you are on the water for long training sessions, you need clothing and equipment that supports and facilitates your training. We understand that the best way to improve your training is to be well equipped with the right materials. Our sprayskirts, equipment and clothing will help you make your training more comfortable, efficient and safe.



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