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Find the right sprayskirt for your racing or fitness kayak

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When choosing a spray skirt for your racing or recreational kayak, it is important to think about what you will use the spray skirt for. It may sound obvious - for paddling, of course. But it can make a difference if you're going to use it primarily for racing, winter training or for both racing and recreational kayaking, to name just a few possibilities. If you mainly use it for racing, you may want a spray deck that is lightweight and doesn't interfere with your paddling. On the other hand, if you use the sprayskirt mostly for winter training or even for touring activities, you may prioritize durability and a breathable fabric to increase comfort during long training sessions. Understanding your specific needs and uses will help you choose the right spray deck for your kayak.

What factors should you consider when choosing a sprayskirt?

Fit & cockpit size

Unlike sea kayaks you sit in a racing kayak with your knees together and over the edge of the cockpit. Therefore you need a sprayskirt that is not fully stretched over the cockpit but allows your knees to sit higher. At the same time, you want to be able to move your legs when paddling. And with wash riding, it may even be necessary to pull one foot back slightly without the canopy taking up too much space. This means that the spray deck should, on the one hand, provide enough space for all the leg work in the canoe, but at the same time be relatively tight so that water does not collect between your knees.

Our sprayskirt generally fit both racing and fitness kayaks, at least when it comes to Nelo kayaks. An exception is the Viper 55 and Viper 60, here you should choose a larger kayak. sprayskirt - as you see further down or you can check it out in our website. size guide for sprayskirt.

Waterproofness & breathability

All our sprayskirts are waterproof, including taped seams. That said, a thinner sprayskirt with a two-layer fabric will not stay waterproof as long as a three-layer fabric. A 3-layer membrane has an extra protective layer on the inside that prevents abrasion. If you don't want to compromise on durability, it's best to go with a galon material sprayskirt. However, the disadvantage is that galon is not breathable.

Areas of use 

Do you use your kayak mainly for training, sprint competitions or marathons? Different scenarios may require different types of spray skirts. For example, marathon sprayskirts usually have a zipper to facilitate entry and exit when portaging during the race. The zipper is usually not completely tight, tight zippers are too hard to use during races. 

Your personal preferences 

Finally, it is your personal preferences that will determine which sprayskirt you choose. Perhaps you prefer a sprayskirt in a certain color or with a specific design. Or maybe you prefer a certain type of closure system for the deck. Whatever your preferences are, you should make sure that the spray deck meets your requirements for waterproofness, breathability and durability. 

Also, keep in mind that it may be worth investing in a high-quality sprayskirt even if it may be more expensive initially. A high-quality sprayskirt is likely to last longer and perform better. 

Our spray skirts for racing & fitness kayaks

All our sprayskirts are suitable for all types and models of racing kayaks. An exception is old racing kayaks with 51 cm width measurements. They may have a larger cockpit. In that case, you can choose a sprayskirt that also fits fitness kayaks. The pictures you see on this page show the cockpit of a K1 Nelo  L and XXL with cockpit dimensions of 103 × 43 cm (external dimensions).

  • Sandiline sprayskirt Sprint - Our most popular model that fits almost all cockpits. Soft neoprene waist. Medium-thick fabric that lasts a long time.
  • Sandiline sprayskirt X-Light- Lighter version of Sandiline Sprayskirt Sprint. Thinner Material. Soft neoprene waist. two-layer breathable fabric.
  • Sandiline Ares Eco Flex - Premium sprayskirt with stretch and high breathability. Soft neoprene waist.
  • Braca Sprayskirt Racing - Slightly thicker galon material that is durable. Slightly tighter fit than Sandiline. Soft neoprene waist.
  • Jantex Spray Deck - Thin, stretchy material with a slightly tighter fit than the Sandiline model.
  • Padler Marathon sprayskirt - Model with long zipper (not waterproof) for fast portaging during marathon races. Durable nylon fabric.



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