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Paddling Clothing

Choosing the right clothing for your paddling activities is as important as choosing the perfect kayak or paddleboard. What makes the best paddling jacket, neoprene pants or perfect paddling shoes depends a lot on where you paddle and how intensely you move. Keep reading ...

Vaikobi V-Dry Performance Smock €149,00 EUR

Vaikobi Mens UV Long Sleeve Tech Tee €58,90 EUR
Standout Open Palm Gloves €34,90 EUR
NRS Men's Freefall Dry Pant €209,90 EUR

Mocke Gust Paddling Jacket €119,00 EUR
ION Safety Beanie €41,90 EUR
Sandiline Ares Stretch Jacket €159,00 EUR

Vaikobi Women's Flexforce 1.5 mm Long John €89,90 EUR €129,90 EUR
NRS Men's Echo Splash Jacket €119,90 EUR

ION Open Palm Mitten 2.5 €49,90 EUR
NRS Women's Freefall Dry Pant €209,90 EUR

Sandiline Ocean Surfski Drysuit €599,00 EUR
Vaikobi Womens Active UV 3/4 Leggings €64,90 EUR
Vaikobi V Dry Performance Jacket €149,00 EUR

ION Neo Logo Beanie €35,90 EUR

Vaikobi Womens FlexForce 2 mm Long John €180,95 EUR
Vaikobi Speed-Grip Split Toe Boot €58,90 EUR

Paddling clothes for Surfski, SUP and Kayak training

Picking the perfect clothing for your kayak training can be difficult and will always be a compromise between different factors. Depending on the weather, the time of year and the water conditions in which you are paddling, the choice of clothing can involve balancing protection from the cold, comfortable fit, freedom of movement and other factors.


Paddle clothes for cold water

If you're looking for paddling clothes for your training, you mainly want clothes that give you full mobility. The most important thing is to have as much freedom of movement as possible in the upper body because this is where you move most intensively. The pants should provide good protection against the cold, especially in surf skiing. In the kayak and on SUP, the pants can usually be a little thinner, but should provide enough protection in case of an involuntary swim.

This is why we offer a wide range of paddling clothing specifically for training in kayaks, surf skis and on the paddle board. If you are looking for neoprene clothing for cold temperatures, we offer a high-quality range of neoprene clothing with our Vaikobi FlexForce products.

Paddle clothes for warm weather

One of the best things about summer is the ability to get your paddleboard or kayak out every day of the week. Although the choice of paddling clothing is easier in summer than in cold weather, it's worth buying the right kind of clothing if you practice regularly on the water. We offer incredibly flexible neoprene shirts that provide the best freedom of movement, as well as lightweight paddle pants and shirts that provide sun protection, dry quickly and are comfortable to wear on your skin while paddling. Among other things, our Vaikobi UV shirts ensure that your body does not overheat so quickly when paddling on hot days.



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