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Paddling Jackets, Vests & Shirts

Our paddlewear is specially designed to provide you with warmth and comfort during your paddle training without restricting your mobility and feel for the paddle technique. Keep reading ...

Sandiline Women's S-Flex Jacket €152,95 EUR
Sandiline Men's S-Flex Jacket €152,95 EUR

Vaikobi V-Dry Performance Smock €143,95 EUR

Vaikobi Flexforce 3 mm Neoprene Top €134,95 EUR

Vaikobi V Dry Performance Jacket €134,95 EUR

Vaikobi Flexforce 1.5 mm Neoprene Top €125,95 EUR

Vaikobi V Cold Flex L/S Paddle Top €125,95 EUR

NRS Men's Echo Splash Jacket €116,95 EUR

NRS Men's HydroSkin 0.5 Jacket €107,95 EUR

Sandiline Race 3-Layer Jacket €103,95 EUR

Vaikobi V Cold Hydroflex Paddle Top €89,95 EUR

Vaikobi V Cold Performance Base Layer €85,95 EUR

Vaikobi V Dry Paddle Vest €80,95 EUR

Vaikobi Mens UV Long Sleeve Tech Tee €49,95 EUR
Vaikobi Mens UV Performance Tech Tee €43,95 EUR

Vaikobi Womens UV Performance Tech Tee €40,95 EUR

Jantex Wind Vest €40,95 EUR

Nelo Nelo Poncho Sold Out

Nelo Wind Vest €26,95 EUR

Vaikobi V Ocean L/S Performance Fit UV Top €25,95 EUR €41,95 EUR

Vaikobi V Ocean L/S Relaxed Fit UV Top €25,95 EUR €41,95 EUR

Paddling jackets and shirts for kayaking, surfski and SUP.

Our range offers a number of different styles of paddling jackets and shirts. At its best, good paddling clothing not only provides perfect fit and function but also extends the range of use. This is exactly what it is about when we choose products from suppliers like Vaikobi, NRS and Sandiline for our range. High-quality materials and smart details often significantly increase the range of use of a product, on the one hand to protect against cold, but at the same time to prevent overheating during high activity or mild outdoor temperatures.


Long-sleeved paddling shirts

Our clothing comes exclusively from high quality clothing manufacturers who understand the nature of paddling. Each long-sleeved shirt, whether unisex, men's or women's, is designed in such a way that it offers the best freedom of movement so as not to get in the way during training and competition. The high-quality material of our neoprene jerseys helps you stay warm on cool training days. The material also offers a high degree of elasticity, so that the clothing fits comfortably during high activity. The lightweight, breathable material of our UV shirts is the perfect material to protect you from the sun and heat when paddling on hot days.

Short-sleeved paddling shirts

The short sleeve paddle tops in our online store mirror our long sleeve options, but offer you a little more ventilation for warmer training days. Available for both men and women, our shirts give you extra flexibility and freedom of movement. The thin neoprene material keeps you warm and comfortable without getting in the way of paddling. Our lightweight t-shirts for women and men are comfortable and look great both paddling and off the water.

Paddling jackets

Our neoprene jackets offer you the best of both worlds. With the lightweight neoprene material, they allow for complete freedom of movement and keep you warm during training. But they also offer easy ventilation to make sure you don't overheat while paddling. Our jackets made of breathable material keep you dry and comfortable even in cold and windy conditions. The construction of these jackets is a slimmed down version of a sea kayak jacket to keep the weight down and increase comfort and freedom of movement during exercise.



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