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Lima Prepreg Carbon Shaft


Diameter - Stiffness: Oval - s35 (stiff)

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The Starboard Prepreg Carbon Shaft is a high quality and lightweight paddle shaft, designed to enhance your paddling sessions with optimal power transfer and durability.

Product Description

The Starboard Prepreg Carbon Shaft is designed for paddlers looking for a lightweight, high-performance paddle shaft. Made from pre-impregnated carbon fiber, this shaft offers an exceptional combination of strength and lightweight, making it ideal for longer and more demanding paddling sessions. With three different diameter options - oval (29 x 34 mm), 29 mm and 27.5 mm - you can find the perfect fit for your paddling style. The fixed length of the shaft ensures optimal stiffness and power transmission, giving you an efficient and responsive paddling experience. Whether you're an experienced paddler or a beginner, the Starboard Prepreg Carbon Shaft will enhance your performance on the water.


    • Ultra-lightweight construction for longer and more efficient paddling sessions
    • Made of carbon fiber that is pre-impregnated for high durability and performance
    • Available in three different diameters: oval (29 x 34 mm), 29 mm and 27.5 mm

    Product Details

    Material Prepreg Carbon
    Shaft Stiffness S30 (extra stiff) - S45 (soft)
    Skaft Diameter 29 mm, 27.5 mm, 34 mm oval
    Fits Lima Prepreg Carbon
    Brand Starboard

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    About Starboard

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    Why Choose Starboard?

    • Quality and Design:Starboards SUP boards stand for top-notch quality, excellent design, and unparalleled performance. They ensure not only longevity but also an unmatched paddling experience.
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    Product Highlights:

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • What materials does Starboard use for hard boards? Starboards hard boards are typically made from premium materials like epoxy or carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (Carbon Sandwich).
    • How do I choose the right size for an inflatable SUP board? Consider your weight, experience level, and the type of paddling activity. For competitions, the length is usually limited to 14 feet.
    • What should I look for in a SUP paddle? Consider its weight, material, stiffness, and potential adjustability.
    • How long can I expect my Starboard SUP to last? With proper care, a Starboard SUP can last for many years.
    • Does Starboard offer a warranty?Yes, we provide warranties on our products. The specific warranty terms vary depending on the product.

    Trust in Starboard and experience the pinnacle of SUP sports.

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