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All Star Airline Deluxe SC


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Storleksguide Starboard Allstar Airline

Dimensions: 14' × 26"

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Take your SUP experience to the next level with the new Starboard All Star Airline Deluxe SC 2023. It combines the contours of the most winning All Star hardboard with the advanced Airline technology to deliver an even faster and more efficient performance.

Product Description

The Starboard All Star Airline Deluxe SC 2023 is no ordinary inflatable SUP. It is designed with an outline similar to our most winning All Star hardboard, making it faster than ever. Its advanced design includes a tensioned aramid cable that runs across the bottom of the hull and is covered by a new carbon fiber strand that increases both the stiffness and reflective feel of the board.

The board maintains its light weight thanks to the woven Fusion Dropstitch technology. Its innovative stand-up pad improves stability, control and comfort, while edge release technology reduces drag by creating a laminar flow behind the board.


  • Contour inspired by the most winning All Star hardboard for improved speed
  • Tensioned aramid cable across the bottom of the hull for increased stiffness and reflexivity
  • New carbon fiber string for extra stiffness
  • Woven Fusion Dropstitch technology to maintain the board's light weight
  • Innovative stand-up pad for improved stability, control and comfort
  • Rail Edge technology to reduce drag and create a laminar flow behind the board

    Product Details

    Color blue/red/grey
    Volume 310 L (14' × 24.5")
    323 L (14' × 25,5")
    367 L (14' × 28")
    Dimensions 14' × 24.5" (527 × 62 cm)
    14' × 26" (527 × 66 cm)
    14' × 28" (527 × 71 cm)
    Weight 11,5 kg
    Fin Box US-base
    Packaging carrying bag and pump included
    Area of Use SUP-training, SUP-racing
    Brand Starboard


    Tension adjuster

    • Adjustment point for cable tension
    • 4 different positions to easily set the desired tension and rebound feeling

    Carbon stingers

    • Two carbon fiber strings on the deck increase stiffness and reflex sensitivity
    • One carbon fiber string reinforces the hull and at the same time covers the wire tensioning the board

    Rail edge

    Creates a sharp edge that water can smoothly release for optimal glide and speed

    EVA standing tray

    • Helps maintain a wider stance for extra stability and helps restore balance with EVA to push against
    • Provides more control when leaning to steer the board
    • Creates a dug-out position that makes paddling in rough seas more versatile
    • Made from EVA so they are lightweight, soft to the touch and flexible when packed

    Tail kick pad

    • Tail kick pad with diamond-shaped grooves
    • Provides grip and control when turning and surfing

    Race handles

    Provides a balanced grip for beach launching and handling on land

    Bungee Tie Downs

    • For storing equipment and supplies
    • Rubber cord with 4 D-rings that can be used to attach bags and equipment

    Pump included


    • Fixed hose and pressure gauge position when inflating
    • 10% more efficient thanks to the redesigned piston and outer tube for the air outlet. In addition, double and single acting pump modes and wider removable foot base that increases stability when pumping
    • The base and handle are made from recycled fishing nets

    Free lightweight leash

    • At only 70g, the safety line is incredibly lightweight
    • The soft cushioning means it flattens out when you stand on it, so it doesn't get in the way when moving around the board
    • Easy to attach to the board

    Large & comfortable transport bag

    • Wider and shorter, making it easy and quick to pack, while preserving the shape of the side walls
    • The bag is made from recycled plastic bottles. About 30 bottles are used to make 1 bag

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    Size Guide

    Storleksguide Starboard Allstar Airline

    About Starboard

    Starboard SUP: Buy Boards and Gear for Top Performance

    Discover Starboard: The elite in the SUP industry. We offer you high-quality Stand-up Paddle Boards, specifically designed for training and competition. Whether you're new to paddling or a seasoned professional, Starboard has just what you need. Read more

    Why Choose Starboard?

    • Quality and Design:Starboards SUP boards stand for top-notch quality, excellent design, and unparalleled performance. They ensure not only longevity but also an unmatched paddling experience.
    • Internationally Recognized: Starboard's impressive achievements in international SUP competitions speak volumes. With multiple SUP-Racing world championship titles and the choice of professional athletes globally, we set the benchmark in the SUP world.

    Product Highlights:

    • Optimized Boards: Starboards SUP boards, including models like Sprint, All Star, and Gen R, are tailored for speed, maneuverability, and competitive use. Owing to continuous enhancements and close collaboration with elite athletes, you can always count on peak performances.
    • Versatility: Whether it's racing, training, or downwind paddling, Starboard has the right board for every occasion.
    • Uncompromised Quality: At Starboard, they prioritize top-tier quality. Each board is meticulously crafted from the finest materials, ensuring you get optimum performance in every race.
    Explore our Starboard Product Range for race and training: From hard boards, inflatable SUP boards, to SUP paddles - Starboard provides products conceived with precision and innovation. Let the quality and capability of our boards elevate your paddling experience to the next level.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • What materials does Starboard use for hard boards? Starboards hard boards are typically made from premium materials like epoxy or carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (Carbon Sandwich).
    • How do I choose the right size for an inflatable SUP board? Consider your weight, experience level, and the type of paddling activity. For competitions, the length is usually limited to 14 feet.
    • What should I look for in a SUP paddle? Consider its weight, material, stiffness, and potential adjustability.
    • How long can I expect my Starboard SUP to last? With proper care, a Starboard SUP can last for many years.
    • Does Starboard offer a warranty?Yes, we provide warranties on our products. The specific warranty terms vary depending on the product.

    Trust in Starboard and experience the pinnacle of SUP sports.

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