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Nelo Screw for Boat Fittings €1,95 EUR

Nelo Neoprene Foot Strap €20,95 EUR

Select Marathon Rudder €76,95 EUR

Nelo Rudder Sete from €41,95 EUR

Nelo Fin - Racing Rudder from €41,95 EUR

Nelo Marathon Rudder €41,95 EUR

Nelo Cross Piece €10,95 EUR

Nelo Rudder Line Kit from €13,95 EUR

Nelo Traction Pad Sold Out

Nelo Rotation Seat €125,95 EUR

Nelo Rudder Line Adjuster €2,95 EUR

Nelo Standard Seat €80,95 EUR

Nelo Weight Rail €16,95 EUR
Select Racing Rudder €76,95 EUR
Nelo Footrest Multiadjust K1 €112,95 EUR

Nelo Weight Kit for Canoe Sprint from €18,95 EUR
Nelo Carbon Pull Bar €31,95 EUR

Mocke Weed Deflector €8,95 EUR

Nelo Rudder Hatch Cover Cinco €13,95 EUR

Nelo Seat rails Vanquish €25,95 EUR

Nelo Rudder Cable €16,95 EUR

Nelo Heel Support Sold Out
Nelo Marathon Handle €31,95 EUR
Nelo High Back Seat €80,95 EUR

Nelo Canoe weight 125 g €7,95 EUR

Nelo Pedal footrest K1 €112,95 EUR

Nelo Seat rails Viper €25,95 EUR
Nelo Start Number Holder €5,95 EUR
Nelo Ultra Low Seat €80,95 EUR

Dietz Pump Denmark Sold Out

Nelo Crosspiece Marathon €26,95 EUR

Nelo Nut for weight set €2,95 EUR
Nelo Rotofix Seat €80,95 EUR

Nelo Standard Seat - Nylon €49,95 EUR

Nelo Mid-Back Seat €80,95 EUR

Nelo Footrest Back Support €16,95 EUR
Nelo Standard Seat Marathon €80,95 EUR

Nelo Rudder Hatch Cover Quattro €16,95 EUR
Nelo Aluminum Pull Bar €26,95 EUR
Nelo Traction Pad €15,95 EUR
Nelo Neoprene Foot Strap K2 €20,95 EUR
Nelo Heel Plate Carbon K1 €31,95 EUR


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