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Paddling Jackets, Shirts & Vests

Dietz Performance Paddling is specially catered to find secure fits with the water sports enthusiast in mind. Each article of clothing has its own unique style and comes complete with design, material, and features that are sure to optimize performance and agility. Our paddle tops are perfect for those venturing out on the water, and they are built to sustain even the harshest water conditions. Continue reading...

Vaikobi V Cold Hydroflex Paddle Top
Vaikobi V Cold Flex L/S Paddle Top
Sandiline Race 3L Jacket
Vaikobi V Dry Paddle Vest
Nelo Wind Vest
Sandiline Men's S-Flex Jacket
Nelo Nelo Poncho
Vaikobi Flexforce 1.5 mm Neoprene Top
Vaikobi V Ocean L/S Relaxed Fit UV Top
Vaikobi V Ocean L/S Performance UV Top
Vaikobi V Cold Performance Base Layer
Vaikobi Mens UV Long Sleeve Tech Tee
Vaikobi V Dry Lightweight Paddle Jacket
Vaikobi V-Dry Performance Smock
Vaikobi Womens UV Performance Tech Tee
Vaikobi Flexforce 3 mm Neoprene Top
NRS Women's Echo Splash Jacket
NRS Men's Echo Splash Jacket
NRS Women's HydroSkin 0.5 Jacket
NRS Women's HydroSkin Long-Sleeve Shirt
NRS Men's HydroSkin 0.5 Jacket
Vaikobi V Cold Down Vest
€78,90 €148,90
Vaikobi V Cold Down Jacket
€88,90 €158,90
Vaikobi V Cold Hooded Down Jacket
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Paddle Tops for Kayak, Surfski & Paddle Boarding

Our inventory offers a range of different styles for paddle tops. We keep the best interest of the paddler in mind since we know that kayaking and paddling should be performed all year round. Don’t let your favorite sport become a seasonal thing just because you can’t dress for the weather. Our options range from full coverage, long sleeve tops, to lightweight jackets, to flexible t-shirts that fit both men and women. 


Long Sleeve Paddle Tops 

Our performance clothing comes from only high-quality apparel manufacturers that understand the physically demanding nature of water sports. Each long-sleeve shirt, whether it’s for men or women, is designed to produce a full range of movement to encourage high levels of activity. The neoprene fabric helps you stay warm during those chilly training days. The material in our shirts also involves a high level of elasticity to provide you with a comfortable fit through some of your most intense workouts. The lightweight, breathable fabric in our non-neoprene shirts s the perfect material to keep you safe from the sun and heat you improve your performance with each session. 


Short-Sleeve Paddle Tops 

The short-sleeve paddle tops available in our online store mirror our long sleeve options but provide you with a little more ventilation for those hotter training days. Coming in styles for both men and women, our professional-grade short-sleeve tops are designed to provide you with extra flexibility and range of motion. The thin, neoprene fabric will keep you warm and comfortable without feeling too restrictive. Our lightweight T-shirts in women's and men's styles are comfortable and good-looking both when paddling and off the water. 


Paddle Jackets 

Our neoprene jackets is created to offer you the best of both worlds. With the lightweight, neoprene fabric, they allow for a full range of movement and keep you warm while you train. But they also offer easy ventilation and breathability to ensure that you are feeling comfortable throughout your kayak or paddling experience. Just like our long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, these jackets will warmly hug your body without making you feel restricted or suffocated. They are the perfect article of clothing to complete your look before venturing out on the water.


Our jackets in breathable material on the other hand will keep you dry and comfortable even in cold and windy conditions. The construction of those jackets is a slimmed-down version of a sea kayak jacket, both to keep the weight low and to increase comfort and range of motion during training.


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